A Second Chance


A Second Chance ..

Give your household goods a second life and be a part of a greater outreach

Giving to The Corner helps people in a variety of ways, as every aspect of our program includes ways to reach out to people in their various stages of life. to rebuild themselves, develop self-confidence, gain their independence and find their place in society. A single donation can do all that because it literally transforms lives.

At the Corner thrift, 100% of your donations support our various outreach programs which affect several internal, and external Ministries.

Take Eco -responsible action

The donations of clothing and household goods given to The Corner thrift, do go towards serving and sponsoring a series of Ministries. Yet, they also promote a healthy habit of recycling in the chain of consumption, and as you donate your items to the Corner; We make sure to keep your things out of the landfills for as long as possible. Thousands of pounds of clothing and household items get recycled every year through donations, significantly increasing the life of donated items, and reducing their chances to end up in a garbage dumpster.

Act as a source of blessings in the struggle against poverty and exclusion

Once received, your generously donated items are sorted, ticketed and put for sale in our store. This allows us to offer clothing and household items at low prices to people on a limited budget, as well as the general public.
Clients who shop at the Corner also allow the ministry to be self-financed and a source of sustenance for other ministries. All the revenue from the stores is 100% reinvested in the outreach to the elder, youth, student training, evangelism and church planning. And much of the product donated gets sent overseas to third world countries where they serve to clothe the poor. In short, your donations do potentially help the underprivileged find a second chance, a way to regain hope, dignity and a new life.

Give wisely

At the Corner thrift, your donations are actually part of a social, ecological and transparent process which allows you, with a simple gesture, to also help transform lives. 100% of your donations are reinvested locally to the benefit of a non-profit social mission.

If you want to know where your donations go, give to the Corner, with us you’ll always know exactly where the revenues from the sale of your items go.

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