WHO are we?

What Make us stand out in the crowd?

The Corner Thrift Store is a gently used and second life clothing, apparels and house wares store, purposed on serving and giving to the community, on providing a high quality stock of resale items at prices significantly lower than the competition, and on providing a place where friends can hang out, have coffee or tea, read a good book, and discuss life matters, without fear of being judged or rejected, in an ambiance of openness, friendliness, and fellowship.

coffee shop store

Why Us?

What's so special about the Corner?

Top-notch free Coffee

Serving is what makes us special, as we rejoice in showing the light of Christ to our friends and neighbors, as they come and hang out with us.

Quality low budget shopping

Our high quality recycled products, are meant to always get you what you need at the lowest possible price.

Active life line

Good conversation is what make good friends. At the corner, there's always a friend ready to listen.



Where we see ourselves

As a provider of Gently used and second life apparels and housewares, The Corner Thrift Store seeks to become the hub where our community gather, for friendly conversation, a good coffee, counsel and spiritual recharge, as everyone finds that little something they have been looking for.

This we’ll continue to do, as God allows, throughout the myriad of Canadian communities for as long as God keeps us on this earth.

Our intrinsic purpose!

to generate earnings through the sale of donated product, which after covering expenses and operating costs, will be returned to our communities through our various social programs, and through direct partnership with other Social organizations.