Your clutter needs a new home...

Feel the satisfaction of blessing others with things you no longer use!

Through your generous giving, we are able to sell used apparel, accessories, house hold goods etc. which affords us the opportunity to extend a caring hand to the most vulnerable residents of our communities. Proceeds from your donations will be used for the betterment of our city, for community outreach & ministries.

Join our great effort by searching for items you no longer use. Your donated items will be treasures for other homes while giving to various community causes.

Thanks for loving your community and partnering with us. May God bless you richly!

Donation Concept. Woman Preparing her Used Old Clothes into a Donate Box

A perfect time for a clean up ..


This might be the perfect time to think about donating or volunteering for the good of our beautiful city, Milton.

Take some time to go through your cupboards & closets. We accept clothing for all seasons. Winter is coming, and Items like a spare coat, sweaters, warm pajamas, etc. will be a blessing to someone in need.

How about the linen closet or the toy box? Any extra bedding, blankets or toys your kids have outgrown?

And don’t forget the garage! The garage is often a place for extra clutter. We are providing an easy solution. Rather than the hard work of a yard sale, please consider donating to The Corner Thrift Store. Many will be blessed by your generous donations.

Reach out with your donations today ..

Bring them to our address during business hours, or contact us for pick up in special circumstances.

Please call us any time at 416-203-3646. Email donations@thecornerthrift.ca