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We bring Community to a new level! ...

We believe that community should be the center of every human life. Relational gatherings and places where people get to know and connect with others are becoming a thing of the past.  Digital interactivity has replaced personal socialization especially among our youth.

Yet nothing can replace the value of a hug, a warm hand shake, and a listening ear in moments of distress. Facebook cannot visit us in the hospital, our cell phone cannot cry or laugh with us. 

We need each other, and while connectivity and digital interactions have their value, they can never replace the great value of community. A great part of true connection, is looking into someone’s eyes as we speak to them, and as we hear each other's stories. 

The Corner thrift store is a social interaction enterprise. We seek to be always be a place of connection.

We serve all age groups. We have time for everyone.

We are a Thrift Store, and yet we are so much more. Thrifting is something we do, as we engage in connecting with others.

So, come and see us today.

We certainly have that little something you’ve been looking for whether it's on the racks, or in the sharing of a cup of coffee.

We are intentionally working to implement this model of loving our communities, beyond Milton, and across Canada.

Partner with us, and help us bring community across Canada.


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