You are the focus of our ministry, and the purpose of our being;
engage with us for a better community,
help us make joy as common as breathing!

True! we are a Thrift Store...

Now! Here is what else we are...

Selling gently used items is only  channel we use, to serve our communities, and to reach out to those who need comfort, and those who need a friend nearby.

Our purpose

  • Local Church
  • Church planter
  • Local Ministry Sponsor
  • Community Outreach

Aditional services

  • Youth Programs
  • Counseling services
  • Coop program
Crosstowne BBQ-1


Youth Programs

We seek to implement fresh youth programs through our Thrifting outreach. bring on your ideas! Let's put them to work!

Counseling Services

We all have moments when things don't go exactly right. We all need someone to talk to in confidence occasionally. We are here!

Volunteer program

You are gifted and your gifts are a blessing from God. come and shere your gifts through Volunteering. we'd love to have you helping us

Ministry Sponsor

The more you give, the more we can give. our communities need more active ministries helping shape our youth, our families, our elders...